Sell your 3D Models art on VURO and earn lifetime royalties

7 Reasons You Should Sell Your 3D Models On VURO | Share And Earn Lifetime Royalties

Are you curious about 3D printing but lack the resources to create your idea and a sellable platform? Get over such queries as VURO is happy to serve all your ideas. Various designers and users gather together on VURO's online 3D printing marketplaces to share and sell their designs. It’s good way to enjoy 3D printing without having to experience any sort of limitations. Sell and make money online with VURO's designer store and earn royalties for lifetime

VURO is an online platform where you can buy, sell or share digital 3D printable files. The most widely used 3D printable file format is STL. VURO offers file sharing free of charge and even have a built-in e-commerce capability. The platform offers a friendly interface and a fast-growing community.

VURO is really standing out thanks to two inspiring features. We have weekly picks of the product to inspire designers to come up with creative concepts and get featured on our platform, and it even gives an idea to buyers about what more they can expect. VURO also feature designer each month, which is a good opportunity to learn from some seasoned designers, as well as get inspired. This culture is really strong on the website and it can inspire your next project.


VURO offers the possibility for a 3D designer to have their own shop-in-shop where the designer can upload suitable files and sell them on our online portal. Once an order is placed, our team of engineers prints your model and ships the product to the buyer. The 3D printing marketplace provides server resources, infrastructure and a guarantee of safe settlement for payments.


Here are few key points to show why VURO is the platform of your needs:

Why join VURO

  • Open a free store: VURO lets you open a store without any charges. You can post any number of products on our portal for free.
  • Great Commission: VURO offers lifetime royalty on your designs and great commission every time your product is sold. The channel is very transparent. A designer can keep a track of their models.
  • Variety of designs: VURO's e-commerce platform offers a diversity of products. Desk Organizers, Home Decor, Mobile Accessories and a lot more. The more designs there are, the more chance you get to experiment with your models. VURO is a well-indexed platform. It’s important for an online platform to address categories neatly and systematically or the user might get lost.
  • Features: VURO offers mass customization on various products. If a buyer has some specifications, VURO helps to meet those expectations with finesse. It changes the way you 3D print.
  • Communication on the platform: There is a direct channel where a designer can communicate with the buyer for feedbacks, queries or reviews which can help designers to create models that are in demand.
  • Printable services: If any of your design is sold, VURO takes the responsibility of printing and shipping the products. Designers simply need to upload their 3D Model and leave the rest on VURO.
  • Printability of the files: As the designer uploads a file, VURO runs a printability check within a day and informs you about the possibility of printing within 24 hours.

If you’re curious about what you can achieve with a 3D printer, register yourself today and start showcasing your talent. It's easy and rewarding.

About VURO: VURO is an online portal that offers a variety of awesome 3D Printed products that include cool lightings, fun pen holders, quirky vases, awesome card holders and a lot more. Inspired by 3D Technology, the unique products available on VURO are for people who love to express themselves creatively and differently. With our own in-house team of talented 3D designers and an army of freelance artists, what you get is a completely refreshing collection that is brand-spankingly new. We provide free shipping all over India.




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